Woman says she takes Deep Heat baths and people are very worried for her ‘foof’

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a soak in the bath after a long, hard day and there are a few things you can do to make that bath even more relaxing.

Some people like to light candles and play music, others add bath salts of bath bombs to the water.

But one woman has admitted she likes to add a very different product to her bath.

In a post on the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the woman praised the Deep Heat foam bath, which she bought for £2.49 from Home Bargains.

She branded the item, that’s designed for use in the bath, “amazing” but fellow members of the group weren’t convinced.

Deep Heat products are used to provide relief for muscular pains and stiffness and they create a warm sensation on the skin, which some people say feels tingly.

Because of the unusual sensation it produces, some people were horrified by the idea of using it in a bath, where it would go all over the body.

They were especially concerned about the idea of putting it anywhere near the genitals, as they are rather sensitive.

One person commented: “Literally my first thought was…omg her foof must be on fire.”

Another said: “In the bath??? My poor a**e and front bum would sting with that!!”

Other users thought it must make the person bathing “stink” when they get out of the bath, as Deep Heat has a strong smell.

But the original poster saw the funny side of their comments and was happy to respond, confirming that it didn’t make her “lady parts” burn.

She updated her post, writing: “I can confirm… my lady parts have not disintegrated or set on fire, nor have my nips frazzled!!”

She added: “I’m not walking like John Wayne & I didn’t scream the house down when I got in.”

Well, that’s good to know!

Not everyone was horrified by the idea of a Deep Heat bath though, some also said they often used the product themselves.

A different user proclaimed: “This stuff is amazing!! I use it and it’s brill.”

A second posted: “I have this, really helps my back when it’s sore.”