Mrs Hinch fan told to ‘bin husband’ after learning what he uses Minky cloth for

When online sensation Mrs Hinch captured the hearts of cleaning fans across the UK, people rushed out to stock up on her favourite household products.

From Zoflora to Minky cloths they bought the lot and now many continue to use them each day to make their homes sparkle.

But one fan of Sophie Hinchcliffe was recently left gobsmacked when she discovered her husband had been using her beloved Minky cloth to clean something very unexpected.

The woman took to the Facebook group, Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, to share the conversation she’d just had with her partner about the cloth’s use and it’s fair to say fellow Hinchers were horrified.

She explained that her husband had been getting changed in the bathroom when he started asking questions about the Minky.

He asked her what she used it for and the wife quickly became suspicious.

The husband seemed concerned that she might have cleaned the toilet with it, before praising how “good” and “thick” it was.

The man then admitted that he’d used it to wash his armpits, asking: “Am I ok to wash myself with it because I’ve just found myself washing my armpits with it.”

The woman recounted the tale on Facebook
His wife says she replied: “Ffs man! That’s my Minky!”

She added: “He’s now worried his armpit hairs are getting bleached. I’m worried I need a new Minky.”

Hundreds of people liked and commented on the post, finding the whole situation hilarious, with some suggesting the woman ditch her husband over it.

One fellow user joked: “Bin the husband, save the Minky.”

Another wrote: “You need a new husband!”

Others shared their own family’s hilarious cleaning mishaps.

Someone else said: “Reminds me of the time my dad used flash wipes instead of the the Andrex wipes.”

A different user added: “My mum saw mine on side and said to me your new sanitary towels look like will itch.”

“My daughter nicked my new Minky for fake tan,” admitted a fifth.

“Poor Minky,” proclaimed a sixth.